New Insta360 Camera to be launched August 28th

15th August 2017

Something interesting was just posted on the Insta360 Facebook page;“Join us on August 28 for an exciting, new announcement”, captioned with the following image.

insta360 one

You are then invited to enter your email to be the first to hear about it. You can do so on this page.


Shortly after posting this article I was informed of this teaser video by employee from Insta360.

Originally the video was titled “Insta360 Orbit”, however that version of the video was taken down so I’m assuming that name is wrong. My guess is that it will be called the Insta360 One, as that’s been all over the marketing. The video doesn’t give much else away though as the camera is masked out. You can see where the stitching line is which seems to indicate that it has two lenses.

The image clearly features a camera, which looks nothing like any device previously released by Insta360. Just to remind you, Insta360 have three devices, the cheap phone accessories Insta360 Nano (iOS) and Insta 360 Air (android), as well as the very expensive professional Insta360 Pro.

The secretive nature of this announcement along with the image of this mysterious new device leads me to believe that Insta360 will be announcing a new camera in their line up.

What will the Insta360 One camera be like?

With literally no information to go on apart from an up-skirt shot of a heavily edited image, it’s impossible to say for certain; but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. If this does turn out to be a new 360 camera from Insta360, I think I can guess some of its likely features.

Insta360 has a foothold in the 360 phone accessory market for super casual users, and the professional 360 camera market for those who want to create video for VR. What it doesn’t have is a mid range 360 camera for prosumers and those who want higher quality without the high price tag.

This is my guess as to the appearance and feature of this new camera:

  • Stand alone 360 camera – Not a phone accessory
  • 4K or 5K video resolution
  • 20mp 360 photos
  • Livestream in 4K
  • Judging my the image, it won’t be sphere shaped like the Gear 360, but more of a candy bar shape like the Theta S

Attached to a string? I doubt it

Much has been said of the style of the video with an almost matrix like effect. This has led some to speculate that the camera is attached to some kind of tether and that you spin it around to make this effect. I personally doubt this very much, as it probably would not result in the effect we are seeing and would be health and safety nightmare. I just think the style of the video has nothing to do with the way the camera works.

Of course I could be completely wrong and this could be a minor upgrade of one of their current phone accessory devices (probably the Insta360 Nano, because the Air is under a year old). I guess we’ll find out on August 28th!


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