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Hi, I’m Daniel. For the past several years I’ve been writing, testing, shooting and talking about 360 cameras. When I started this website I never thought these weird little cameras would become so popular, but now there are dozens of products out there, with more being released every month. Not only do I create content on this website but I have written about 360 cameras on well respected websites such as Digital Photography School and Kuula.

Threesixtycameras.com is the place to go for 360 camera reviews and guides. If you are interested in this fairly new medium for content creation then this website should help you choose the right hardware as well as how to use them.

Why I Started This Website

When I saw my first 360 video as an advert for a new Star Wars movie it blew my mind. I quickly started researching how it was made and discovered that a new type of camera was being developed, 360 cameras. These camera are able to record everything around them at the same time; this opens up a whole range of opportunities for content creation and new ways of story telling. I realised that not many of the usual tech websites were talking about this new type of consumer technology so I decided to make my own website exclusively about 360 cameras.

I’ve owned dozens of 360 cameras in total and have used them to create professional virtual tours as well as many videos on my YouTube channel. If you are interested in my 360 tour services then head over to http://www.the360guy.co.uk or go to my contact page and send me a message.

Lastly, you can check out my Facebook page where I pretty much post everything I do in regards to 360 cameras, including photos, videos and updates on reviews and articles.

Phew! I sure keep busy. I think the world of 360 has a long, bright and interesting future and I’m so thrilled to be one of the first to really dive into this new medium. I hope you find my articles and videos interesting, feel free to connect with me in which ever way is most convenient for you.

How I Review

On this website you’ll find reviews of the most popular 360 cameras. Before I review each product I purchase and thoroughly test them before creating my reviews. I focus on video/photo quality, ease of use, stabilization, mobile app, and value for money. Every review is a  genuine representation of my experience. When reviewing 360 cameras there are specific features to look out for, in no particular order these include; video resolution, sensor type, photo resolution, stabilization technology, design and connectivity. You’ll find these to be the main headings on most reviews.

Do Companies Pay for Reviews?

I’ve never accepted payment for a review nor would I ever. In some cases a camera has been provided free of charge, however this was under the clear indication that the review would be frank and honest.

Do You Make Money From This Website?

Threesixtycameras.com is monetised through affiliate links, a common way the web owners can generate income from large companies like Amazon without cost to you, the reader. You can read the full Affiliate Disclosure here.


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