360 Camera Reviews

Looking for the latest and greatest 360 camera? At threesixtycameras.com we test and review every new 360 camera extensively. The reviews on this website are the most comprehensive on the internet and you’ll find everything you need to know about every 360 camera.

How We Review

Our reviews are all hands-on, meaning we actually use the cameras before reviewing them. Many websites simply read other reviews and copy what they say, never actually using the products themselves. Reviews are only written after extensive testing of all features. Reviews are never paid for nor are we sponsored by any company. You can trust that the 360 camera reviews you read here are honest and trustworthy.

What We Look For

When reviewing 360 camera we first look at the unique features these cameras offer. Shooting in 360 degrees offers a lot of creative potential but there are also some drawbacks.

We first and foremost look at video quality, resolution and lens technology as this will indicate if the camera can shoot good quality video. We then look for stabilization to see if the camera can be used for action shots. Finally we look at photo quality, software, design, ease of use and of course, price.

Our final score is derived from out experience using the camera, the quality of the video/photos, how easy it is to use and any unique features.

360 Camera Reviews and Guides