Professional 360 Cameras

Looking for a professional 360 camera that can shoot high quality video? Explore all of your options on this page. I compare, preview and review professional 360 cameras, focusing on video quality, connectivity, power supply and memory. Start producing high quality 360 content for VR with a professional grade 360 camera. 

Professional 360 Camera Guides
Top Professional 360 Camera Available Now
Insta360 Pro

8K 360 Camera with Stabilization, 4K Live Steam, External Power and Slow Motion Capabilities

Orah 4i

4K live stream 360 camera. Can live stream constantly for 48 hours. Heat dissipation technology

GoPro Omni

Combine the power of 6 GoPro's to create truly stunning 360 video. Omni rig allows you to control all GoPro's simultaneously. Price includes 6 GoPro's Omni Rig and Kolor editing software.

Z Cam S1

6K 360 camera that is ``afforfdable`` for creators to start shooting high quality 360 video for VR. Can livestream and hook up to mains power supply.

Insta 360 Pro Released – Example Videos, First Impressions and Where to Buy

The Insta 360 Pro is the first "affordable" professional 360 camera. For a cool $3,500 you get a 6 lens soccer ball shaped camera that can shoot 8K full 360 video, live stream 4K 360 video, shoot 8K photos and stabilize video on the fly. The preview videos suggested that the camera could indeed ...

Insta360 Pro: Preview and interview with the creators of the newest professional 360 camera

The Insta360 Pro is the newest in a range of 360 cameras from Insta360, which also include the Insta360 Air, Nano and 4K. The Pro version of their line up is a huge step up in terms of quality, specs and price compared to their previous offerings. The Pro version is aimed at people who want to ...