Insta360 Pro can shoot 8K Video, 3D, Livestream – Best 360 camera yet?

3rd July 2017

Insta360 have announced they will be releasing an 8K 360 Camera that can shoot full 360 video 4K  in 100fps and produce RAW files. The new camera is dubbed the Insta360 Pro 

Insta360 Pro Specs

FeatureInsta360 VR Pro
Number of Lenses 6
360 Photo Resolution 60 Megapixels
360 Video Resolution [email protected] with Post Processing Stitching [email protected] with Real Time Stitching
360 Slow Motion Video Yes. 100fps at 4K
360 3D 8K 3D images 6K 3D Video
Aperture f2.4
File Outputs RAW, JPG, MP4
Sound 4 Built in Microphones 1 AUX Spherical Sound
Memory External SD Card
Battery 5000mAh removable battery (75 mins) 12V 5A DC adapter
Live Stream Up to 3840 x 3840 (4K) at 25fps H264 video coding and 3840 x 1920 (4K) at 30fps H265/H264 video coding On any 360° platform which includes Facebook, YouTube, and Insta360 server via link
Price $3499


Insta360 Pro is now available now on Amazon

Insta360 Pro
8K Professional 360 Camera.


Insta360 have already established themselves as one of the top innovators in 360 technology. The young company have already released the Insta360 Nano, Insta360 4K and the Insta360 Air (currently in development) and are wasting no time in expanding their product range.

The Insta360 Pro VR camera was announced on the second day of CES 2017, where several other 360 camera also featured. The new camera features 6 individual HD lenses capable of creating full 360 x 360 video and stills. When shooting in 4K mode the Insta360 Pro can record footage at 100fps, a feature so far not found in most 360 cameras.

Features such as these puts the Insta360 Pro in the ‘Professional’ category of 360 cameras, rivaling ultra-expensive devises such as the Nokio Ozo, which costs over $40,000. Priced at a mere $3000, the Pro appears to be a bargain if you want to move into professional 360 video production.

The Pro is not a mere accessory for your phone as many other 360 cameras market themselves as, but a professional camera on par with high end DSLR’s.

Another exciting feature of the camera is ‘3D Mode’ which allows you to shoot up to 6K 360 video in 3D. You are also able to live-stream 360 footage straight to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope over Wifi  This is a camera truly packed with every feature a semi-pro or pro would ever need to shoot and share great 360 footage.

As for still images, the Insta360 Pro will shoot 60 megapixel stills which is twice as much as the Samsung Gear 360 is capable of.

View footage from Insta360 VR Pro

Insta360 will be providing dedicated desktop editing software to help you create excellent 360 video productions and stabilize shaky footage. The 360 video files are also compatible with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas.

Another small but very useful feature is the inclusion of a removable battery; particularly helpful as 360 camera tend to use a lot of power. One battery is said to last for 75 minutes of use, so a few spares will come in handy for any seriously 360 video producer.

According to the official website, the Insta360 Pro will ship quarter 1 this yea, so expect it before spring time. This is certainly the most exciting new 360 camera to be announced in a long while and comes fitted with just about every feature a good 360 camera should have. I’ll certainly be keeping a very close eye on it.

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See my first impressions of the Inta360 Pro here.

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