Which is the best 360 camera out right now?

On the hunt for a 360 camera? Want to know which is the best 360 camera out right now? At least a dozen affordable 360 cameras have been released in the past year and some are certainly better than others. I’ve used, owned and tested many 360 cameras and in my experience there can be only one winner.

The best 360 Camera is:

best 360 camera

Samsung Gear 360
Samsung Gear 360
The best 360 camera out right now thanks to its high quality video and excellent app.
$278 $348

I’ve chosen the Samsung Gear 360 as the best 360 camera out right now. It’s the camera I personally own and have used for 7 months. It’s a great piece of kit that is affordable, particularly now the price has been cut. The Gear 360 shoots full 360° video in 4K and stills at 30 megapixels, with a range of manual options. I’ve had almost no issues with the camera (overheating after 20 mins of continuous shooting being the only exception). Here is a low-down of the pro’s and con’s of the camera:

  • Under $300
  • Shoots full 360° in 4K
  • 30 Megapixel 360° photos
  • Stitching is accurate
  • Intuitive and easy to use app
  • Range of colour correction and ISO options.
  • Splash and Dustproof
  • Comes with mini tripod

  • App only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 and above
  • Tends to overheat after 20 minutes of continuous use

The biggest downside is that the Gear 360 App is only compatible with the latest Samsung Phones, so iOS and other android users won’t be able to use the camera to its full ability. For those who don’t own a Samsung Phone but are still looking for a great 360 camera, there are still some amazing options for you.


Close runner up (and if you don’t own a Samsung Phone)

Ricoh Theta S - Best Camera for Android and iPhone Users
Ricoh Theta S - Best Camera for Android and iPhone Users
An amazingly easy to use 360 camera that takes stunning 360 photos and decent video.

The Ricoh Theta S is probably the most popular 360 degree camera ever. It certainly has the most reviews on amazon and I’ve personally seen more people using one than any other 360 camera. The reason why the Ricoh is so popular is because it’s easy to use and can shoot outstanding 360 photos. The camera is compatible with any android or iOS phone and it affordable for most.

  • Shoots full 360 photos and videos
  • Photos are clear, colourful and bright
  • Stitching is hardly noticeable
  • App is easy to use and intuitive
  • Candy bar shape makes it easy to hold and shoot

  • Video quality is not as good
  • Limited to 15 minute video clips

I fully recommend the Ricoh Theta S if you’re looking for an inexpensive 360 camera that’s compatible with all phones.


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I would recommend either of these camera to anyone and both are capable of creating great 360° imagery  for VR and social media. I personally chose the Samsung Gear 360 because I have a compatible phone and I wanted the higher video resolution that it’s capable of shooting. There are several other great 360 cameras out at the moment, you can check them out on my huge guide for choosing the right 360 camera (link above).

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