The Best Monopod/Tripod for 360 Cameras: Bushman Panoramic Review

30th July 2019

Are you looking for a monopod or tripod to use with your 360 camera? Choosing the correct tripod is important when shooting 360 video or photos because, unlike with normal cameras, 360 cameras will also capture everything below the camera including the tripod. To minimise the interference of the tripod there are several features that it must have, unfortunately there are vert few tripods and monopods that are specifically designed to work well with 360 cameras. One of the few available is the Bushman Panoramic Monopod set which I’ve been using for the past few months.

Best Tripod/Monopod for 360 Cameras

Bushman are experts in creating accessories for panoramic photographers. In the past they have focused on professional panoramic heads for DSLR’s and heavy duty tripods, however with the increasing popularity of consumer 360 cameras they have developed a range of accessories for smaller cameras too.

The Bushman Panoramic Monopod bundle includes a 154cm metal monopod, two counter weights, 1 popeye magnetic base and a sturdy tripod which can attach to the monopod.

Each accessory has been specifically designed to work with consumer 360 cameras. The Monopod has a very thin body with no extruding features.

This allows the monopod to be invisible to 360 cameras when properly attached. On its own the monopod is essentially a selfie stick which works well with cameras like the Insta360 One X to achieve the invisible selfie stick effect. Check out this video on how to get the invisible selfie stick effect:

The magnetic base and mini tripod are able to keep the monopod secure on a flat surface even when extended to full height however their small size renders them nearly invisible to 360 cameras. Check out the image below and you’ll see that the mini tripod nearly disappears in my 360 photo before any editing; if you wanted to achieve the floating cameras effect you’d only need to do a small amount of editing when using this tripod set up.

The two counter weights provided allow for extra security when using the Bushman Monopod bundle. I’ve used other tripod setups before that were made of weaker materials and had them simply fall over (damaging the camera in the process) due to a slight gust of wind. The 510g of counter weights should keep your tripod still inmost conditions and is worth the extra investment in my opinion.

So far so good, but my number one reason for using the Bushman monopod is its travel friendly size. At its smallest the monopod is just 45cm/17 inches long, which is small enough to transport in a normal sized rucksack. All the other accessories are easily detachable and transportable in a similar size bag.

No longer will you need to find a way to carry large equipment if you want to travel with your camera. All the accessories are made of high quality materials and despite being rather rough with the way I carry them around in my rather full bag, I’ve noticed no damage to any of them.

While this is one of the most expensive 360 camera tripods/monopods around (between $130 – $180) I think it’s worth the investment, particularly if you want to travel a lot with your camera. This is simply the best way to keep your 360 camera safe while also achieving the best shots.

You can buy the Bushman Monopod bundle from their website. 

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