GoPro Max 360 (Fusion 2): Specifications, Example Videos & Overview

The GoPro Max (Fusion 2) is the second generation all-in-one 360 camera from GoPro. It comes after the GoPro Fusion was released in 2017 with  5.7K video resolution video, gimbal-like stabilization and advanced editing software (see GoPro Fusion Review here). The GoPro Max 360 brings a new camera design as well as updated technology. Let’s take a look at what the GoPro Max 360 can do, how well it shoots 360 media and if it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a good 360 camera.

GoPro Max (Fusion 2) Leaks

The website has leaked photos of the new GoPro Max 360 before it’s officially announced. It also reveals that the device has been registered with the FCC and should therefore be ready for launch soon. There are no other details released about the camera however from the images released we can see that the camera is smaller than the GoPro Fusion and that it includes a large LCD screen. Unfortunately there are no specific details as of yet but it’s likely that GoPro will want to announce the camera well before the holiday shopping period starts.

New Features

The biggest difference between the old Fusion and the GoPro Max is the inclusion of an LCD screen. Not only will this allow for much easier control over settings but it will also allow you to preview 360 photos and videos. For this is happen the camera will also need to be able to stitch 360 media within the camera itself. his is a huge improvement on the previous Fusion which required you to use a desktop program before you could even see your stitched media files.

The reduced size of the Gopro Max compared to the original Fusion may indicate that the camera no longer required two separate Micro SD cards as the GoPro Fusion does. Hopefully the software has been improved as this was the biggest drawback of the Fusion; I’d also like to see a slight improvement in video quality as well as faster file transfer speeds.

It is likely that GoPro will focus on re-framing features rather than creating a VR camera. The Insta360 One X has become the most popular 360 camera by focusing on editing software that allows you to re-frame your 360 video into normal video. The CEO of GoPro has already announced that they want their next 360 camera to be as easy to use as possible.

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