Insta360 Air Android 360 Camera | Full Overview, Specs and Price

The Insta360 Air is a 360 camera accessory for Android phones. The bubble shaped device can turn most android smartphones into a fully fledged 360 camera. There is a similar device available for iPhone’s called the Insta360 Nano.

The Insta360 Air began its life on crowdfunding site indiegogo where it smashed its crowdfunding target. Now the camera is ready for release, promising to deliver on all the features its backers wanted. Let’s take a look at the Insta360 Air’s specifications, what you can expect from the camera and where you can get it.

Insta360 Air Specs

Insta360 AirSpecs
Lenses2 x f/2.4 Lenses
Video Resolution2560 x 1280 @30fps

Higher Resolution Possible with Samsung Galaxy S7

Photo Resolution3008 x 1504 (3K)
MemoryUses Phone Memory
BatteryUses Phone Battery
CompatibilityAndroid Smarphones
Other FeaturesCan be connected to a laptop or PC and used as a 360 webcam

360 Stabalization


Who is the Insta360 Air for?

The Insta360 air has been created for Android smartphone users who want a small, easy to use 360 camera to share unique photos and videos with their friends on social media. This tiny 360 camera plugs into the USB port of an Android phone, allowing it to shoot 360 video, photo and livestream. A dedicated app will automatically launch when you plug in the Air, allowing you to control it and share media directly to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Video and Photo Examples

Here is a sample video shot with the Insta360 Air. Remember to watch at the highest resolution to get a sense of the quality the camera is capable of.

Considering the tiny size of the camera, the quality of the 360 video is very good. Whilst 4K resolution is considered minimum for viewing 360 degree video on a VR headset, the 3K resolution that the Insta360 Air can shoot is more than good enough for sharing on YouTube and Facebook.


A unique feature of the Insta360 Air that’s not found on many 360 cameras is stabilization. 360 video is best viewed when the camera is still, otherwise viewers can become disorientated, however the Insta360 Air comes packed with an advanced stabilization features designed for 360 video that makes moving the camera possible again.



Want to share an amazing experience with your friend on social media? Why not livestream 360 video straight from your phone so you can bring your friends as close to the real thing as possible. The Insta360 Nano can livestream to Facebook, Youtube and Periscope. Setting this up is easy and only required you to select the livestream option from the app.


Not only can you use the Air as a 360 camera for your phone, but you can also plug it into a PC or laptop and use it as a 360 degree webcam or just film longer 360 videos.


Uses the phones memory and battery

The Insta360 Air has no battery or internal memory because it utilises the phone it connects to. This is how the camera is able to be so small and compact, however this also means you’ll have to make sure your smartphone has enough memory to accommodate the large file sizes the camera produces.


Price and availability

The Insta360 Air is available NOW! Yes, the first dedicated Android 360 camera is available to buy right now on Amazon!  Shipping take just day if you are on amazon prime in the US. You can choose from a variety of colors and every camera comes with a cable to comes with a cable to connect to your PC.

Insta360 Air on Amazon

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