GoPro Fusion: Release date and price + loads of new footage

9th November 2017

The GoPro Fusion, announced over a year ago now, has finally got both a release date and price.  After months and months of speculation and guesswork, I’m pleasantly surprised.

You’ll finally be able to get your hands on a GoPro Fusion in November this year for $699. I’m pleasantly surprised because I was expecting it to be much closer to $1000. You can pre-order the camera here.

This price pits it along side the Garmin VIRB 360 which is selling for even more at $799, however the Garmin does shoot slightly higher resolution video.

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GoPro have been slow to release this camera because they want to get it right. They had a summer test rollout in which certain organisations were given a Fusion to try out, no doubt so they could report back with any issues. Some footage has been revealed online and it’s looking very good.

This is the promotional video by GoPro:

The GoPro Fusion will be able to shoot full 360 video at 5.2K 30fps, which is among the highest of any consumer 360 camera. It will also be able to shoot 360 spatial audio and be waterproof up to 16 feet. Still 360 photos will clock in at 18 megapixels.

GoPro is hoping that the Fusion can drag 360 cameras into the mainstream and alter the fortunes of the struggling action cam maker. One of its main features is “Overcapture” which allows you to manipulate a 360 video and post it as a flat 1080p. The idea is to shoot first and frame later, so when you are shooting you won’t need to worry about what direction the camera is pointing in.

Here’s a rather exhilarating example of what Overcapture can look like:

GoPro are not the first to do this, both the Insta360 One and VIRB 360 have similar features, but GoPro has a reputation for executing software very well, so expect their effort to be crowd pleasing.

Last buy not least, here’s a video shot with the Fusion in 360 format:

I personally can’t wait to try out the GoPro Fusion and I’m sure it will make a lot more people pay attention to the potential of 360 cameras.

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