Yi 360 VR has a September USA release date, available in China/HK now

18th August 2017

The hotly anticipated Yi 360 VR seems to once again have a release schedule, if a bit later than expected. The 5.7K 360 camera is now set to be released in September for US and other territories, according to the official website and my contact at the company.


The Yi 360 VR was originally scheduled to be released in summer 2017, however a firm release date was never established. After accepting pre-orders for several weeks, the Yi 360 VR page was removed from the official website, leading some to believe that the camera was in fact never going to be released.

Thankfully those fears seem to have been unfounded as the camera is definitely going to be released. I contacted a member of the Yi 360 VR marketing team who said this:

The YI 360 VR camera will be ready around September. What we are looking for at the moment is content creators”

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A few of my followers from Hong Kong have also been in touch to let me know that they have already purchased the camera from taobao.com, although I can’t seem to find the listing for the camera myself.

I should be receiving a review unit of the Yi 360 VR camera before the wider release, so be sure to opt-in to my 360 camera alters to see my tests and reviews.


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