The Best 360 Cameras for Your Drone

12th July 2018

Drones and 360 cameras go together like eggs and toast, they make each other much more exciting. Some of the best 360 videos are shot with drones and some of the most interesting drone videos use 360 cameras. Drones allow us to explore places that may have been difficult or impossible for the average person to ever film, and a 360 camera lets us capture the entire envirnment at once.

Best 360 Cameras for Drones

If you’ve decided you do want a 360 camera for your drone, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of 360 cameras on the market and not all of them are suitable for drone use. I’m going to take you through exactly which 360 cameras are best for drones and why, but I’ll keep the list short and sweet to avoid bombarding you with information.


The Best 360 Camera for Drones:

GoPro Fusion

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The GoPro Fusion is the best 360 camera to use with a drone thanks to its ability to shoot smooth video as well as its advanced optics. In order for a 360 camera to work well with a drone it needs to have excellent software stabilization to remove vibrations caused by the drone, it should also be able to shoot high resolution video to make the most of the unique environments drone usage allows you to film.

The Fusion is the best 360 camera for video under $1000; it can shoot clear and colorful 360 video with excellent dynamic range. The design is small enough to be attached to most larger drones and uses the standard GoPro mount. Here’s as example of a Fusion video using an Inspire 2 drone.

The Fusion is larger and heavier than most other 360 cameras, so it won’t be suitable for smaller drones. The Fusion is made with a durable rubber coating making it partially shockproof, and it’s also completely waterproof up to 10ft. If you want the best quality video and you have a drone larger enough, then the Fusion is definitely your best bet.


Cheaper Option:

Insta360 One

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The Insta360 One is my second choice if you’re looking for a 360 camera for your drone. The Insta360 is a much cheaper device than the Fusion but doesn’t have the ability to shoot as high quality video. You’ll also find the Insta360 One much more suitable for smaller drones thanks to its tiny, light design.

The Insta360 One also has pretty epic stabilization which can smooth out movements and vibrations; check out this video shot with a drone + Insta360 One:

The One is small enough to be attached to even very small drones, either above or below. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Fusion or you have a smaller drone you’d like to pair with a 360 camera, then the Insta360 One is an excellent option.

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