Rylo Update Brings 180 Mode, Wireless Connection & Motion Blur

Rylo have just released a new version of their App and firmware for their innovative 360 camera. The new software will allow you to shoot 180 video using the front lens of the camera, connect wirelessly to your phone (iPhone only for now) and add a motion blur to Hyperlapse video. You’ll also be able to add a timer for shooting photos.

The Rylo (read review) is one of my favorite 360 cameras, but it wasn’t without its flaws. The two most obvious omissions was the inability to connect to a smartphone without using a cable and the lack of a timer function, which made taking a good photo almost impossible.

This latest update somewhat rectifies these two issues, although Android users will have to wait a bit longer to get the wireless connection. Iphone users should now be able to connect and control your Rylo using Bluetooth, where  activate the shutter and change some settings. You still can’t transfer files wirelessly, for this you’ll need to use the cable provided.

Motion Blur Hyperlapse

The Hyperlapse function is one of my favorite features of the Rylo and it works by speeding up your video by up to 16x. It works so well on the Rylo thanks to it’s amazing ability to stabilize video, making the fast motion video look silky smooth. The addition of a motion blur adds a new dimension to the Hyperlapse mode, making it appear almost cinematic. It’s hardly a game changing feature, but I do think it looks pretty cool and would be a great addition to a road trip video if you have your camera mounted on the dashboard.

180 Mode

Probably the most significant new feature to come with this latest update is the addition of a 180 video mode. The 180 mode uses one lens instead of two to provide a slightly higher quality video with a wide angle view. This would be useful in situations where one lens is covered (for example if mounted to a body harness) or if the subject of your video is only in front of you.

The 180 mode produces slightly higher quality video but with less options for tracking and movement. The stabilization is also noticeably not as good, but still does a better job than most other cameras. The 180 mode may not be useful for everyone, but it’s good to have the option for slightly higher quality video for situations where using the full 360 degrees is not necessary. I suspect other cameras will be updates with a similar feature in the future!

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