Rylo 360 camera might finally unleash the potential of 360 video

31st October 2017

Hold onto your hats, there is yet ANOTHER 360 camera coming out before the end of the year, but this one is a little bit different.

The Rylo 360 is a two lens 360 camera that can shoot 4K, which sounds very familiar to just about every other 360 camera released recently. What sets the Rylo camera apart, according to the ex Apple and Instagram employees that developed it, is the amazing, intuitive software.

The Rylo 360 camera is designed to allow the user to shoot first and frame later. You decide what the camera focuses on after you shoot the video, not before. A similar feature can be found on the upcoming GoPro Fusion and the already released Insta360 One. All of these cameras call their shoot first frame later feature something different, but Rylo claims they have perfected this intuitive new way of creating content.

The developers of Rylo want you to be able to shoot video without having to worry where to point your camera. The two lenses record the full 360 degrees around you, then you connect the camera to your phone and use the app to choose where the camera should be pointing. As I mentioned before this feature already exists on other 360 cameras, but the Rylo team have a trick up their sleeve; perfect stabilization.

The developers have shown off the stabilization feature to tech reporters and apparently the results are astounding. Running and walking with the camera still results in silky smooth video without bumps and vibrations, this allows the user to shoot video without worrying about how to position or hold it. The engineers that created this feature also create the Hyperlapse Instagram app, which created stabilised timelapse videos. The end result of the ultra smooth stabilised video is a cinematic feeling which can’t be accomplished with any other camera.

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, watch this video for some examples of what the Rylo can do:

I personally think the future of 360 cameras is creating this type of video. Rylo are the first company to truly focus on this and they seem to have put a lot of effort into making both the camera and app easy to use.

The Rylo will cost $499, putting it roughly in between the feature heavy GoPro Fusion ($699) and the Insta360 One ($399). If the camera can produce the kind of video promised by the promo videos then it may be worth this fairly high end price.

The Rylo is only compatible with iPhone’s right now, but an Android version is “coming soon”. You can order the camera now on the Rylo website.

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