Is the Oculus Quest 2 Good For Watching Movies, YouTube & 360 Video?

3rd December 2020

Are you looking for a VR headset that’s great for watching media like YouTube, Netflix and immersive VR videos? The top VR headset of the year is undoubtedly the Oculus Quest 2 thanks to its upgraded processor and wireless design, but it is good for watching movies?

You can watch this video where I talk about using the Quest 2 as a media consumption device but if you prefer to read rather than watch just keep scrolling.

Quest 2 for Watching Movies

There’s no doubt the Quest 2 is an excellent gaming device; it features a powerful new processor, more RAM then the previous version as well as a wireless, compact design. While gaming is probably the most popular use for the Quest 2 it’s also a great device for watching movies, streams, YouTube and even TV.

Several media apps are available in the Quest app store that let you watch all your favourite shows. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, National Geographic are just among the media apps available.

What is it Like to Watch Movies in VR?

If you’ve never watched a movie or YouTube clip using a VR headset you are in for a treat. The experience is the closest to being in a cinema without actually having to go; you can watch your favourite YouTuber on what looks and feels like a huge cinema screen, or a Netflix movie on a virtual sofa with ultra widescreen display.

Quest 2 for watching movies

If you want an even more unique experience then you can download one of the many 360 video apps that allow you to explore places you’d never be able to go in a fully immersive experience. Evern wanted to visit the International Space Station or look inside the CERN supercollider? These are just a few of the places you can explore in VR.

The Quest 2 comes with a generous amount of internal memory which you can fill with your offline media files to watch whenever you want. If you plan on putting a lot of your files on the Quest 2 then the 256GB version is probably best for you.

So Is The Quest 2 The Right Headset for Media?

There are several things to consider when finding a good VR headset for media consumption and the Quest 2, for the most part, adds up to a great headset for watching all kinds of media. For a start the Quest 2 is completely wireless enabling to you use it wherever you want. This is important as you don’t want to be able to find the most comfortable position to relax and being tethered to a PC or gaming system will severely limit your options.

Quest 2 for watching youtube

The Quest 2 is also lighter and smaller than most VR headsets, meaning you are able to wear it for longer without feeling discomfort. The first generation Oculus Quest was larger and bulkier, causing the headset to be top heavy and therefore uncomfortable after an hour or so, you could also be left with red marks on your face where the headset was resting.

Quest 2 for watching youtube

This is not the case with the Quest 2 which I’ve found to be much more comfortable and I’m easily able to wear it for over an hour without issue.

Perhaps the most important feature to consider is the screen, after all that’s what you’ll be watching your movies on. Each VR headset features different types of screens, resolutions and pixel density. We are ideally looking for the highest resolution screen possible so that movies, streams & YouTube videos appear as clear as possible.

Quest 2 for watching youtube

Thankfully one of the main upgrades of the Quest 2 is a much higher resolution screen. The new screen mostly eliminated the flaw of the last version where individual pixels were quite visible. Compared to all other VR headsets on the market the Quest 2 features one of the highest resolution screens around.

A potential downside to the Quest’s new screen is the fact that’s it’s an LCD. This type of display requires a backlight at all times, so dark areas in an image don’t appear as fully black. This may effect some games but for YouTube, Netflix etc it doesn’t make a huge difference.

Audio is another important aspect of any viewing experience and fortunately the Quest 2 has got you covered there too with a microphone jack and internal speakers positioned at the ideal spot for your ears to receive maximum clarity.

Summary: Pros and Cons

  • Small & Light
  • High Resolution Screen
  • Lots of Compatible Media Apps
  • Large Memory for Offline Watching
  • Wireless

  • LCD Screens = Light Bleed
  • Cheap Head Strap

Overall I’ve found the Quest 2 to be the best VR headset for watching movies, TV, YouTube, Netflix and all other types of media so far. It’s light, small, has a high resolution screen and you can wear it anywhere you want. There are certainly more powerful gaming VR headsets available but the extra power they provide doesn’t matter when it comes to watching media. You can buy either version of the Oculus Quest 2 from Amazon.


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