Ion360 U – A 4K 360 camera and smartphone charging case

9th June 2017

One of the most innovative 360 cameras to come to the market, the ION360 U is a fully fledged 4K 360 camera as well as a charging case. Instead of draining your phones battery the ION360 U will charge it! The unique looking device will transform your phone into a 360 camera capable of shooting in 4K and taking 8 megapixel 360 photos.

This device kills three birds with one stone and provides three essential smartphone accessories in single device. There are a few other 360 camera phone accessories out now, such as the Insta 360 Nano, but none can shoot 4K resolution 360 video and obviously cannot charge your device like the ION 360. The case, as well as being a charger, will protect your phone from knocks, bumps and drops that could damage it.


Let’s take a look at the full specifications of the ION360:

ION360 U Specifications

FeatureION360 U
Video Resolution4K
Photo Resolution8 Megapixels
360 LivestreamYes
Battery2 Hours of 4K video
CompatibilityiPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus
 Price$349/ £299
ReleaseMid July 2017

While 8 megapixel photos won’t look very good in 360, 4K video is about the standard for good 360 video. In order to use the device as a cameras you’ll need to download the free app, when you attach the device to the phone the app will automatically open and be able to control the camera.

You’ll be bale to shoot video, photo and live stream from the app, so sharing your 360 content should be as easy as pie. The ION360 U is only compatible with the latest smartphones, i.e. the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the iPhone 7 and 7+, so if you have an older phone you’re going to have to give this a miss.

The concept behind the ION360 is rather innovative, combining many smartphone accessories into one, and is certainly a good way to stand out from an increasingly crowded 360 camera market. The ability to shoot 4K video while attached to your phone is unique and may have Insta360 worried.

Priced at $349 (£299), the camera is averagely priced compared to other consumer 360 cameras, but given its unique specifications and abilities, I’d say this price point represents good value for money. Obliviously the final verdict will have to wait until the 360 video, photo and other features can be tested thoroughly. Be sure to opt in to the 360 Camera Alerts to be the first to find out more into on the ION360.


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