GoPro Fusion: New 5.2K 360 Camera from GoPro – AMAZING Sample Video

GoPro has just announced that it will release its first dedicated 360 camera, the GoPro Fusion. The Fusion will be able to shoot full 360 video in 5.2k resolution and should be released later this year. GoPro released very few details about the Fusion camera, only a few images and a preview video, which to be fair looks absolutely amazing.

This could be the first affordable 360 camera from GoPro, something that has been much anticipated. As of now, the only 360 technology fro GoPro has been its Omni rig, which allows 6 GoPro’s to combine their power to create very high quality 360 video. The cost of the rig and necessary cameras is over $5000 and is designed for professionals, so a consumer level 360 camera from GoPro is a very exciting prospect.

GoPro have only announced that the camera is “spherical” (meaning it can shoot in 360 degrees), that it can shoot in 5.2K resolution at 30fps and that it is pocketable. Having such an advance piece of kit in a small package is a great step forward for 360 camera technology.

GoPro Fusion Sample Video

The sample footage from the GoPro fusion is amazing for several reasons. The clarity of the video is amazing and there are no visible stitching lines, something not yet achieved with any other 360 camera. Once more, there are several sections of video which appear to be in slow motion, if this camera allows slow motion shooting in 360 degrees it will be a triumph!

The Fusion has no set release date, but GoPro indicated at the “end of 2017”, so a long wait I’m afraid. No word on price either, however for such an advanced piece of kit I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if it went for anything under $500.


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