Full list of Insta360 One X accessories and what they do

The Insta360 One X is the most popular 360 camera out right now. It’s a new take on the action camera, capturing the full 360 degrees around the shooter so you never miss an awesome shot. Like most action cameras the Insta360 One X has a wide range of accessories along with a few that are unique to this camera. Let’s take a look at all the Insta360 One X accessories and what they do to expand the capabilities of the camera.

Invisible Selfie Stick

A selfie stick isn’t the most ground breaking accessory in the world, but this isn’t a normal selfie stick. The invisible selfie stick is designed to disappear when used with the Insta360 One X. You’re probably wondering how this works; it’s all thanks to a small blind-spot directly under the camera which this selfie stick takes advantage of. Using this selfie stick you can make it look as if the camera is floating. You can get a free invisible selfie stick with an Insta360 One X if you order from this link.

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Venture Case

If there is any danger of you falling or crashing into something (I’m looking at you, skiers and mountain bikers) then you’ll want to pick up a venture case. This clear protective case is designed to protect your One X from the harsh realities of action shots. The case is designed so that it doesn’t interfere with the two lenses and comes with a standard 1/4″ mount.

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Dive Case

If you intend to take your One X near or in water, then a dive case is probably worth the investment. The One X by itself is not waterproof but with the Dive Case you can take a dip up to 30 metres underwater. The case is specifically designed for shooting 360 underwater which usually doesn’t work well due to refraction, this case solvs that issue to create seamless stitching.

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Extended Invisible Selfie Stick

We talked about the invisible selfie stick and how it makes it look like your camera is floating in mid air, well with the ultra long invisible selfie stick you can mimic a drone effect. The extended selfie stick is three times longer than the normal version, allowing you to film in places that are usually out of reach. Check out some awesome shots people have filmed with this combo.

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This is a unique accessory for the One X. It sounds insane, but you place your camera inside the drifter and throw it as far as you can. The drifter is aerodynamic allowing you to accurately aim and glide your camera through the air,  it’s also designed to protect your camera on landing. You can combine this action with the slow motion feature in the One X to create some very unique shots not possible with any other camera.

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Bullet Time Accessory

Bullet Time is a kind of Matrix-like effect that is only possible with 360 cameras. The bullet time handle allows you to achieve this effect easily and safely. You attach the camera to the end of the handle and spin it above your head for a few seconds. Combined with the slow motion and target locking feature you can create a bullet time video.

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Bluetooth Remote

A pretty standard accessory, but an important one for a 360 camera. Remember that 360 cameras capture everything around you, so if you don’t want to be in the shot you need to find a place to hide. If you can see the camera then the camera can see you. That poses the question, how to control the camera? The One X has a Bluetooth connection so you  can use this remove to start and stop recording without being in the shot.

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Sports Bundles

If you want to use the One X to shoot action shots for a specific sport then there may be a sports bundle for you. Insta360 have created a dozen customised bundles for specific sports that make it easy to shoot. Some of the sports included are skiing, surfing, football,  skating and climbing. You’ll also find a bundle designed to work with your Mavic Pro drone. Take a look at this skiing video shot with the One X Ski bundle:

You can purchase Insta360 accessories from their website.

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  1. Hi, I really thoroughly enjoy all your reviews. I fly a gyrocopter and am looking at Insta One X with attachment for my helmet, or for 3D immersive experience the Evo. I think landing/takeoff in 3D would be magical. I have not been able to source any attachments for the Evo that would enable me to attach it to my helmet. I guess with 3D, closer the object the better. But how far away would you consider it not a fantastic experience. For example, a few hundred metres or a km.
    Keep up the excellent work. (Hi from Australia).

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