Boxfish underwater 360 camera: Shoot full 360 underwater in 5K!

16th April 2017

A few months ago I wrote extensively about waterproof 360 cameras. At that time there were only a few 360 cameras that could safely be used underwater, mostly with poor results. Now there is a professional grade 360 camera that is 100% designed to be used underwater. It can shoot in 4K with no stitching errors and the results are stunning. The camera is called Boxfish and is available now.


Boxfish Underwater 360 Camera

The Boxfish can shoot 5K resolution video in full 360 degrees and also take 12 megapixel stills. The 360 camera can be used fully submerged underwater at a maximum depth of 300 metres, much more than any other waterproof 360 camera. This camera is designed to be used by divers and people who explore the depths for scientific or research purposes.

Take a look at the example video they shot, it’s absolutely stunning!

The Boxfish isn’t a consumer 360 camera and that is reflected in the cost; the price tag is a hefty $14,990. Remember that this is a camera designed for professional use, so while you will be unlikely to own one, hopefully we will all be able to enjoy the amazing underwater 360 videos that will be created with it.

If you are interested in the Boxfish camera you can order one on the Boxfish website 

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