Amazon Prime Day 2019: 360 Camera Deals

15th July 2019

Prime Day has become one of the shopping events of the year, perhaps only second behind the pre-holiday Black Friday. If you are looking for a 360 camera for the summer then the Prime day weekend is probably the best time to find a good deal. In this post I’ll be taking you through all of the 360 camera Prime Day deals available. The post will be updated regularly with deals as soon as they become available.

Insta360 Prime Day Deals

insta360 one x review

Insta360 One X – 15% Off

The Insta360 One X is probably the most popular 360 camera ever and you can get it with a pretty significant 15% discount. The One X features 5.7K resolution, the best stabilization, RAW photos, slow motion video and much more. This is a 360 camera and an action camera that’s challenging GoPro for most versatile video device. The One X pride day deal has two different offers, one is just the camera itself and the other includes a 32GB SD card.

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Insta360 Evo – 20% Off

An even bigger Insta360 discount for an even more feature packed camera. The Insta360 Evo has many of the features of the One X as well as the ability to shoot 180 video in 3D. This shooting mode is perfect for viewing on a VR headset and allows you to create 3D experiences. The video is high resolution at 5.7K video looks even better in 180 mode and whenever you want to shoot in 360 you can move the camera lenses to shoot in this mode. The Evo will be available at a big 20% discount which is the cheapest it’s ever been!

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Insta360 Pro 2 – 10% Off

If you’ve been considering entering the world of professional VR video then you’ve probably heard of the Insta360 Pro 2. This multi lens professional 360 camera can shoot 8K 360 video at super igh bit rate, offering near cinematic quality VR video. The Pro 2 features far sight technology which allows you to control the camera from hundreds of meters away, it also benefits from automatic proxy files when used with Premiere Pro for a much smoother workflow. The Pro 2 will be available at 10% off for Prime Day which is actually quite significant considering the normal $5000 price tag.

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Kandao QooCam – Save $55

The Qoocam is a small, easy to use camera than can shoot both 360 and 180 3D video and photos. The QooCam shoots a maximum of 4K video and can shoot RAW photos for maxiumum editing potential. This is one of the cheaper 360 cameras available right now and has quite a few advanced features such as software stabilization and movable body.

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Vuze XR – Save $50

The Vuze XR is one of my favorite 360 cameras and is another that can shoot dual 180 and 360 video. The max resolution is 5.7K which is very high and creates sharp, colorful video. Not great in low light conditions but one of the best in daylight. This is the lowest price the Vuze XR has been and represents quite a bargain for how good the camera is.

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