New Camera from Ricoh – The Theta SC 360 Camera

Ricoh, makers of the extremely popular Ricoh Theta S camera, have announced that they have been working on a follow up and it’s been confirmed that this will be the Ricoh Theta SC .

Ricoh has designed this new 360 camera to be a cheaper and more user friendly version of the Theta S. The Theta SC will be priced at $299.95 compared to the Theta S $349.95 price tag. This is great news, but what sacrificed have been made to get the price down?

The Ricoh Theta SC

Good news first: The Theta SC will have the same video resolution (5376×2688) and photo resolution (1920×1080 at 30 fps) as its bigger brother. It also have the same 8GB of internal space and the same functional candy bar design albeit 22 grams lighter.

What you’ll lose: The Theta SC will only be able to record 5 minutes of 360 video footage where as the more expensive Theta S can record 25 minutes. You’ll also find that there is no HDMI port.

So what’s the point of releasing this new camera? Ricoh looks like it’s targeting a younger audience who may not want to create professional 360 content, but may want to take a 360 photo of their friends at a concert or football game. The camera is great value for money and it would certainly make a unique stocking filler this holiday season, but it probably of little interest to professional filmmakers or photographers.

The Theta SC is available to pre-order now on amazon and you can choose from a selection of 4 colors. Release date is set for the end of October.

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