JukeCam: The worlds first 360 degree dashcam from Nissan

Nissan have just announced that they are working with camera producer 360Fly to create a 360º dashcam called the JukeCam.

The JukeCam will be able to shoot 4K 360 video and run continuously for 3 hours when integrated as a dash-cam. Recording from your car in 360 degrees means you won’t need to think about whether your camera captured everything during an incident in case you need to made a claim, plus just having the camera should lower insurance premiums. When using the JukeCam you’ll also be recording yourself, so  pick your favorite radio station andget those viral worthy lyp syncs ready.

The camera comes with two mounts, one for your car and one for a helmet, which means the camera can be removed used as a 360 action camera. Once you’ve parked up just slot the camera out of its dock and attach it to a bike helmet and record your cycling route, or skiing adventure, or hiking trail, or basically anything cool and interesting that you might be up to (see promo video below for ideas).

The JukeCam is waterproof to 10m, shock proof and dust proof, so you won’t need to worry too much about breaking it. It will also run for 2 hours when not docked to the car.

This is the first 360 camera to be designed with car use in mind and I predict the use of 360 camera in cars to skyrocket over the coming years, so this could be the first of many 360 dash cams we see. No work on release or price yet, but as always I’ll keep you posted!

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