Insta360 One R 2020 Update: Full List of New Features Added

17th September 2020

Insta360 have released their biggest firmware update to the Insta360 One R yet, adding many sought after features and new functionality to the flagship action camera. In this post we will be taking a look at every new feature added to the Insta360 One R in this firmware update and how to use them.

Insta360 One R Update

Use the Insta360 One R as a Webcam

Hot on the heels of GoPro, which recently announced a webcam update to their flagship camera, Insta360’s update includes the ability to use the One R as a webcam in both 360 and 4K modes. This is a sought after feature since the start of the year when many of us started working from home and video conferencing with colleagues.

insta360 one r webcam

The One R webcam feature works with Zoom, Skype as well as many other popular video calling services. All you need to do to make it work is have the latest firmware installed, go to the settings page, tap “general” and select the “webcam” option in USB Mode. Your desktop or laptop will automatically detect the camera as a webcam.

insta360 one r webcam

When using the 4K module as a webcam the One R will detect where your face is and pan/zoom to keep you in centre frame if you move around. If the camera detects more than one person then the camera will zoom out to include all participants. When using the 360 mod the webcam view will be split into two screens, forward and behind, this allows the One R to be used as a video conferencing camera

Currently the webcam mode isn’t available for the 1-Inch Mod.

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Vivid Color Profile

If you were hoping for an improvement in the already impressive video quality coming out of the One R, then you’re in luck. A new Vivid color profile improves the overall look of your One R video quite dramatically. With more color, less noise and improved contrast, the new color profile is definitely an improvement on the original.

insta360 vivid color

Vivid color profile will be automatically applied when you update to the latest firmware. You can also select “LOG mode” for full control over color in post production.

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Improved Workflow for 4K & 1 Inch Mods

When shooting with the 4K and 1 Inch lens you can now import the files as MP4’s rather than using Insta360’s own INSV file system. This allows you to skip the process of rendering these videos in Insta360 Studio. There are now two modes to choose from. Basic Mode will allow you to take your files straight from the camera with stabilization applied, however the video size will be limited to 4K at 30fps and the stabilization won’t be as smooth.

If you want the highest frame rate, resolution and best stabilization then you’ll need to load these videos into the One R App or Insta360 Studio first.

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Livestream with the One R

A long awaited feature is the ability to livestream with the One R and now you finally can. What’s even more exciting is that it’s wireless! All you need to do is connect your phone to the Insta360 One R app and select the livestreaming option to begin your stream. You can stream to all popular streaming apps and services. The video will also be stabilized automatically.

insta360 one r livesteam

You also have the option of using Reframed Live mode when streaming with the 360 Mod, which allows the user to control what they are looking at. You also have the option of changing the view or “reframing” your video live.

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This new photo mode for the 4K and 1-Inch mods allows you to shoot sharper, clearer photos than ever before. Using AI assisted noise reduction the One R can now shoot more attractive photos instantly without waiting for multiple bracketing or needing to edit in Lightroom. As you can see the difference is quite noticeable, particularly at night.

insta360 one r update

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New Shot Lab Modes

The popular shot lab effects in the One R app allows you to create unique and interesting videos automatically without any editing. Two new modes have been added to the shot lab including “Fly Lapse” which looking like moving timelapse with movement designed to mimic a fly.

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This new feature improves the appearance of underwater footage shot with the One R. While the camera is waterproof many found that the footage lacked vibrancy and clarity. This new mode improves the underwater image quality on both fronts.

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Other Features

As well as these newly added features, other improvements include the ability to import video directly into Final Cut Pro without stitching, Apple Airpod compatibility, improved audio clarity and voice control.

These features only improve upon an already very successful camera. I think the addition of a webcam mode and livestream is particularly useful in this post-covid world.

Currently I think it’s the best choice if you are looking for the all-round best 360 camera of 2020. You can also get a limited time 10% discount as well as a free selfie stick if you get the One R from this link.

insta360 one r sale

Insta360 One R
Insta360 One R
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