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The new 360 camera teased by Insta360 has finally been revealed, and it’s called the Insta360 One. It seems that I was wrong in my initial assumption that this would be a stand alone camera, in fact the Insta360 One is a duel iPhone accessory and stand alone camera. The camera is designed to plug into an iPhone as well as be used without a phone. There is also apparently an Android version coming soon, but no word on release yet.

Insta360 One – New 360 Camera for iPhone with Stand alone option

This camera is absolutely packed with features and could be the best 360 camera ever.

Insta360 One Specs

Feature Insta360 One
Number of Lenses 2 x f/2.2
Video Resolution - 3840*[email protected] - 2560*[email protected] - 2048*[email protected]
Photo Resolution 24 MP 6912x3456 (insp, jpeg, RAW)
360 Live-Stream Yes
Stabilization 6 Axis Image Stabilization
Waterproof IP67 Water Resistant with waterproof case (added extra)
Shockproof No
Memory MicroSD up to 128GB
Battery 820 mAh
Sensors Gyroscope
Audio 1 Microphone
Compatibility iPhone/iPad (Android coming soon)
Other Features Bullet Mode, 360 Time Lapse, Smart Track, Freecapture
Price $299
Where to Buy

What’s most exciting about this camera is the ability to track and follow objects or people in your 360 video, then save this as a flat normal video. This opens up a while new use for 360 cameras.

In fact this is the most feature packed 360 camera ever. Insta360 really weren’t joking with their tagline “everything in One”. Stabilization, large photos files, 4K video, optional waterproof casing. This is pretty much everything a 360 camera nerd could ask for!

Unlike the Insta360 Nano, the Insta360 One will have an SD card slot which is what allows it to be used without a phone, how easy this will be without a screen to preview images on remains to be seen. This new device has a completely different design to the Insta360 Nano and apparently much improved specs. It also seems like this device will work with iPad’s too.  

The camera will also be able to Livestream according to the manual images, as well do something called “Animation Live”. Maybe this has something to do with the unique way the teaser trailer was shot.


Insta360 One Photo Examples

Insta360 have already provided some examples photos and videos shot with the Insta360 One. Let’s start with the photos first. The Insta360 One can shoot 360 stills at a resolution of 24 megapixels, which compared to similar priced cameras is very large. This camera can also shoot in RAW format, which is unique among cheaper 360 cameras and allows you to edit photos without losing quality


This day time image shot with the Insta360 One is a good sign of what we can expect from the camera. The image itself isn’t set up in the best location (I don’t think 360 photos look that great in confined spaces), but th quality of the image in undoubtedly high. The details on the glass and table are sharp with minimal pixalatation, there is minimal difference in lighting between the two lenses and the camera seems to deal with direct light pretty well (not much flaring). This is up there with the best consumer 360 cameras for photography, however this could have been significantly edited as its a showpiece.

Another high quality image shot at dusk. I think this photo looks even better than the previous one, but mostly because of the setting. Far away objects do appear slightly blurred, but this happens with all 360 cameras. I really like the lighting and you can tell the huge 24 megapixel files are creating very high quality images.

This final image, taken at night, test the low light capabilities of the Insta360 One. The camera seems to handle low light reasonably well and a lot better than most other consumer 360 cameras. This image was taken with a 2 second exposure time, suggesting the exposure time and ISO can be controlled and adjusted.

Insta360 One Example Video

Not much video out right now, but this video posted by Rovert Scoble on his Facebook Page is shot with the Insta360 One. The video features him walking on a rocky outcrop on a sunny day and is in the 360 format. The video is shot in 4K and looks great, about the same as most other 4K 360 cameras. The camera has gyroscopic stabilization which should keep the video looking smooth and it does a pretty good job here, baring in mind he’s using it handheld on a rocky surface. When viewed at highest quality the image is really sharp and I’m even impressed with the audio, but obviously an external Mic is always better.


Video features

What’s really exciting about the Inta360 One is what you can do with your 360 video. This innovative company has branched out from standard 360 video and is offering other ways to use your 360 camera.

Bullet time

“Bullet Time” is a reference to effect saw in the teaser video from Insta360 a few weeks ago. It’s an effect which seems as if the camera is rapidly rotating around you and look like this:

Pretty cool right? You can even shoot in slow motion to enhance the effect even further. This video is not in 360 format but does require a 360 camera. How is it done? Essentially you attach your camera to a selfie stick or string, and swing it around you like a lasso. Yep, that’s right. Swing your camera around on a string. Probably not a great idea in a crowd, but it does work. See video below for an exact tutorial

Free Capture

I think this will be one of the most useful tools in the Insta360 One arsenal and will ignite a trend to include a similar feature in all 360 cameras. Free Capture is a method of shooting 360 video, then choosing later which parts of the vide you want to focus on, then exporting that video into a normal flat 1080p video. See thei video below for what that looks like.

With Free Capture, you never have to worry about where to point your camera or if you’ve missed something cool. You’ll be capturing the everything simultaneously and can choose what to focus on later.

Smart Track

Another hugely useful innovation that’s only possible with 360 cameras. Smart track will allow you to select a subject for the video to follow, and because you are using a 360 camera you won’t need to move the camera. This is for when you know what you want to focus the video on. First you capture a 360 video , then in the editing process you select which ever moving object you want the camera to follow, you can then export a normal HD video that focuses on that subject.

All of these added features opens up the world of 360 camera to people who may not have ever been interested in using them. These features are a great way of creating engaging and useful content, both in the 360 and non 360 format.


It look like you’ll be able to expand your Insta360 One’s capabilities even more with a range of accessories including a waterproof housing.

Several other accessories will also become available. Whether these are created specifically for the Insta360 One or are just compatible with the device remains to be seen, but it’s feasible that this could also be considered a 360 action camera.


First Impressions

Wow. This is my most ancipipated 360 camera ever! It’s got more features you can shake a stick at and it’s a decent price. I’m a bit disappointing that there won’t be an Android version available immediately, but that is literally by only concern I have. This is the most exciting, feature packed 360 camera for a long time and I’m REALLY looking forward to trying it out!

You can Order the Insta360 One now from, which deliver to over 200 countries.

Insta360 One
Insta360 One
The most anticipated 360 camera ever. A tonne of features at an affordable price


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