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  1. Vuze has slightly better quality video (and much better design) but the EVO has more editing and shooting options. Depends what your priority is!

  2. Upgrade to a different camera. Samsung is kinda old now!

  3. I have tried and it works. I think it depends what card you use, so to stay safe they recommend 128gb max.

  4. The video shot with the Vuze XR will still look better when viewed on the Oculus Go even though it can’t display 5.7K resolution. The pixels will be compressed and the image will be sharper, also the lenses generally capture better light and color in the Vuze XR

  5. Mi Sphere isn’t nearly as good for video. Photos can be better though

  6. Hard to say. Both are good for skiing. Maybe the One X for slightly better app and photos

  7. Probably at least a GB, maybe a bit more. I don’t think LOG mode takes up more

  8. Stitch with PTGUI and upload to Kuula for simple tour!

  9. Yes they do! There was some confusion and miscommunication from Xiaomi when it was first released.

  10. Yeah, the Theta V or Mi Sphere are better for photos!

  11. I created animations in Adobe After Effects and put them into premiere pro where I edited the tour

  12. Either the VIRB 360 would be good for that and is uses GoPro mounts

  13. Either the Mi Sphere or Theta V. These both have bracketing features which is pretty important.

  14. My laptop is very basic and it handled it OK. There were a few occasions where it froze, and the rendering could take a while, but updates have improved it a lot.

  15. Probably the Mi Sphere if you are more interested in photos and Insta360 One for video

  16. Sure. Please contact me via instagram or email and I’m sure I can arrange somthing

  17. Yeah, it’s the rig that controls them so using a new hero 4 should be fine!

  18. It will depend on the envirnment, however it’s designed to work with a power dock so it should be fine for a good while.

  19. Yes you can just use one lens, however the quality is quite low.

  20. True but it’s severely limited compared to the Rylo!

  21. Yes, that SD card does work for 360 video!

  22. They are all 4K now thanks to a software upgrade, but the different isn’t huge regardless.

  23. Original Gear 360 is still great, but lacks dynamic range

  24. No, only with the Rylo

  25. I think the Theta V would be better for real estate if you want mostly videos.

  26. No limitations other than battery and memory

  27. Yes, that’s also a pretty good camera and very cheap too! Just lacks some options that the other cameras have.

  28. I don’t have the Yi360 yet, but compared to the Theta V the Mi sphere is superior for photos, but worse for video

  29. The VIRB is best for video, but the Mi Sphere is much better for photo.

  30. When the Garmin first came out it wasn’t that great, but after several software updates it’s the best 360 camera for video

  31. If you don’t need the waterproof or protective shell on the Fly 4K, the Mi Sphere is the better option

  32. he only camera I can think of that matched your recommendations is the VIRB 360.

    See more info here:

  33. Probably the Xiaomi Mi Sphere right now

  34. I’ll get right on that soon – I’ve got a few new 360 camera to review first! 🙂

  35. I’ve heard of AVP, I’ll have to learn it myself!

  36. Sure, I’ll be sure to make a post about that soon!

  37. For livestreaming 4K is enough. Not many people are going to have the internet speed to stream any higher. However if you want to create video for VR headsets then you need higher than 4K.

  38. I used the 2016 version to upload to street view and it worked perfectly. Haven’t tried the 2017 version yet but I do know the resolution is different. As long as it’s in equirectangular format it should work.

  39. If you want professional quality 360 photos you need to use a DSLR with a fish eye lens and panoramaic head. Most all in one 360 cameras can’t take great photos unless you spend thousands!

  40. I’m afraid you can’t stitch videos from the Gear 360 automatically without using the Action Director. I think there are some plugins for Adobe After Effects, but that still required some manual actions. Why don’t you want to use Action Director?

  41. Glad my tips were useful! I agree that static video is probably best for 360 video, at least until you can stabilise the camera.

  42. Yes I’d say the SC is worth it. If you use the search bar on the side of this website and search for theta sc, you’ll find a comparison between that and the normal Theta.

  43. Have you considered the insta360 4k?

    Should meet all of your requirements!

  44. Hi Peter.

    i don’t recall the actual product name, however the ‘tripod’ is actually a light stand. Just search for studio light stand in amazon and it should come up (as well as some other similar ones).


  45. I’ve not had any issues with overheating as of yet, although I’ve only used the camera in 10-15 minute bursts at maximum. I’ve heard that more than 30 mins the camera will heat up, but that’s the same with almost all digital cameras and phones cameras too.

  46. Check out the Samsung Gear 360, which is the best 369 camera out at the moment and still cheaper than the bublcam.

  47. Ah yes, hadn’t noticed that. I would suggest waiting till Samsung reveals the UK price, these guys could just be taking advantage.