Insta360 Titan: Specs, Overview and Comparisons

The Insta360 Titan is a new professional 360 camera from the makers of the popular Insta360 Pro. The Titan features 8 micro four thirds sensors that can shoot up to 10K 360 video. Micro four thirds represents a big upgrade from smaller lenses used in most other pro level 360 cameras and should result in considerably higher quality video.

Here is what we know about the Titan in terms of specifications

Insta360 Titan Specs:

Specs Insta360 Titan
Lenses 8
Sensors Sony IMX269 Micro Four Thirds
Video Resolution 10K @30fps or 60fps
Memory 8xMicro SD or 1 SSD
Slow Motion 5K @120fps
Dynamic Rage 8 – 10 stops
Price $12000

That’s pretty much all we know about the Titan so far, but this camera will certainly represent a big upgrade from the Insta360 Pro, which is considered a budget pro 360 camera. The most noticeable different between the two (apart from price) is the Titan’s bulging lens which are backed up by micro four thirds sensors. These sensors will allow the Titan to capture much greater dynamic range and this, coupled with the 10K resolution, will allow the camera to create very immersive video suitable for viewing on a VR headset.

The Titan will use Sony IMX269 sensors, which is the same as the Z Cam S1 Pro which is excellent at capturing low light video but is limited to 6K resolution. I’m interested in what these sensors can do with a higher resolution because I was really impressed with the Z Cam.

120fps at 5K is also quite an accomplishment, and is approaching immersive slow motion, which I think will be very popular.

At $12,000 the Titan isn’t cheap, but it also not nearly the most expensive pro 360 camera. Considering the fact is uses Micro 4/3 lenses at such a high resolution, it’s actually fairly low cost (as most insta360 products are).

It’s also been confirmed that the software to stitch the Insta360 Titan video will be free, whereas many other companies charge extra for this.

The Titan is set to be released in Q3 of 2018, with more features to be announced in the coming months. Keep track of these updates by liking my Facebook Page.

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