Exclusive Insta360 One Discount: Save $50 + FREE Mi Band Watch

The Insta360 One is one of the most popular 360 cameras right now, and it’s not hard to see why. 4K video, 23 megapixel photos and a range of unique video editing modes. The camera is priced at a pretty reasonable $299, but I can now offer the camera to my readers for a lower price of $249.99 thanks to a contact at Gearbest.com. Bonus: You’ll also get a FREE Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smartwatch if you order your Insta360 One in the next few days

Insta360 One $50 Discount + FREE Mi Band

Get the Insta360 One for $50 cheaper than anywhere else AND get the Mi Band smart watch free.

$249.99 $299.99

Here’s how to get the discount and free smartwatch

1. Go to Gearbest.com Insta360 One page and add the camera to your cart.

2. Click the cart icon on the top right hand corner.

3. You’ll need to sign in, or if you’ve never shopped with Gearbest.com, sign up. Just takes a few minutes.

4. Go to your cart again and you’ll see the following screen. Input the discount code GBIVDWE in the box highlighted.

5. The discount will be applied and you’ll also see a free Mi Band smartwatch in your cart too. Continue to checkout and pay with Paypal or your bank. 

Gearbest are a legit online shop and I’ve been working with them for many months now. They ship to over 200 countries and stock a huge range of products, almost like a mini Amazon. The same deal applies to other countries like the UK and Australia.

The Insta360 One is a great value 360 camera, even more so at this lower price. It’s probably the best all-round 4K 360 camera out right now, particularly if you are interested in photo AND video, because it’s one of few 360 cameras that does both very well.

Here’s some more info on the Insta360 One, as well as some example footage shot with the camera.

Feature Insta360 One
Number of Lenses 2 x f/2.2
Video Resolution - 3840*[email protected] - 2560*[email protected] - 2048*[email protected]
Photo Resolution 24 MP 6912x3456 (insp, jpeg, RAW)
360 Live-Stream Yes
Stabilization 6 Axis Image Stabilization
Waterproof IP67 Water Resistant with waterproof case (added extra)
Shockproof No
Memory MicroSD up to 128GB
Battery 820 mAh
Sensors Gyroscope
Audio 1 Microphone
Compatibility iPhone/iPad (Android coming soon)
Other Features Bullet Mode, 360 Time Lapse, Smart Track, Freecapture
Price $299
Where to Buy Gearbest.com

Insta 360 One Video Compilation 


Get Insta360 One Discount + Free Mi Band



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