Hi, my name is Daniel and I created threesixtycameras.com. I first came across a 360 degree video when a special feature for the new Star Wars movie popped up on my facebook feed. This video allowed you too look around an alien planet as if you were actually there and I was immediately captivated. I jumped onto google to see if I could find any other videos that were like this one and I came across many, from a video of the Niagara falls to a shot of inside the CERN super-collider.

Samsung Gear 360 ReviewI soon learned that these were called 360 degree videos and that it was a new type of imaging technology that allowed people to capture the whole space around the camera simultaneously. I assumed that the cameras used to make these unique videos must be way out of the price range of most normal people, then I discovered that 2016 was the year when 360 degree cameras would become affordable.

I was really excited, I could already image the opportunities this new type of media could bring if they were as cheap as a standard camera. 360 cameras could allow us to record every detail of the most special moments of our lives instead of being limited to where the camera lens happens to be pointed. We can capture capture amazing environments and allow others to experience them as if they were actually there. A whole host of industries, from Hollywood to real estate, could be transformed with this technology.

I decided to create threesixtycameras.com because I believe that 360 cameras will explode in popularity and I want to be at the forefront of this exciting technology. I want to help people understand the possibilities of this new type of media and explore the capabilities of the cameras as they are released.


So do I own  a 360 camera? I most certainly do! I purchased a Samsung Gear 360 as soon as it was released in Korea and had it shipped half way around the world so I could get my hands on what I believe is the best 360 camera available at the moment.

If you are serious about joining the 360 revolution, then start your research and decide which 360 degree camera is best for you.