Hi, I’m Daniel, otherwise known as The 360 Guy! For the past two years I’ve been writing, testing, shooting and talking about 360 cameras. When I started this website I never thought these weird little cameras would become so popular, but now there are dozens of products out there, with more being released every month.




I’ve owned 8 360 cameras in total, some I’ve returned, some I’ve kept. They’ve all been useful in their own way and have opened my eyes to how 360 imagery can change how we share our lives. I intend on reviewing and using many more 360 cameras in the future, so stick around!


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Not only am I the owner of this website, but I also provide a professional 360 tour service, where I create virtual tours using 360 panoramas. For this I use a DSLR camera with a fish eye lens and panoramic head. I take several photos and stitch them together, a much longer process than using the all in one 360 cameras I talk about on this site, but the results are stunning (see one of my photos below) If you are interested in my 360 tour services then head over to http://www.the360guy.co.uk or go to my contact page and send me a message!

I also run a YouTube channel dedicated to 360 cameras, which is becoming one of my favorite mediums for sharing information as well as 360 video from my cameras. Check out my channel and consider subscribing if you want to see more 360 camera action!

Lastly, I have a Facebook page where I pretty much post everything I do in regards to 360 cameras, including photos, videos and updates on reviews and articles.

Phew! I sure keep busy. I think the world of 360 has a long, bright and interesting future and I’m so thrilled to be one of the first to really dive into this new medium. I hope you find my articles and videos interesting, feel free to connect with me in which ever way is most convenient for you!

All the best,


(The 360 Guy)