360 Cameras in the UK: Where to get them?

If you are reading this then I assume you’re located in the UK and are looking for the best places to buy a 360 camera. Most of this website links to US sellers which I know is frustrating when you’re looking for places to buy in the UK.

In the interest of fairness I’ve created this guide to finding a 360 camera in the UK; I’ve researched the best (cheapest) places to buy every major 360 camera, including the Samsung Gear 360, Lg 360 Cam, Insta360 Nano and 360 Fly. Some 360 cameras are not yet available in the UK, some are only available online and others you can buy in stores if you prefer to see your product up close before purchasing.

Best place to buy 360 cameras in the UK

Samsung Gear 360

gear 360 camera hands on

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Considered to be one of the best 360 cameras out right now, the Samsung Gear 360 is the one to beat. Despite being released nearly 6 months ago now, the Gear 360 is difficult to find in the UK. Samsung has released the camera very slowly worldwide, only making a low numbers available at a time.

Right now there are only 3 options when buying the Gear 360 in the UK:

Amazon UK

The Samsung Gear 360 is finally available on the Amazon UK website, after being absent for many months forcing those who wanted to buy one (like me) to import it from abroad. Amazon lists the price of the Gear 360 at £324.99 and currently only has 9 in stock, so be quick or face a potentially lengthy wait.

Samsung UK

You can also buy the Gear 360 directly from Samsung’s website, however at the time of writing the page has an ‘out of stock’ notice, but this could change.


I managed to find the Gear 360 for sale on this UK website which seems to sell a wide range of mobile phones and gadgets. They list the Gear 360 as in stock however they price the camera at £350, a significant increase on Amazon’s pricing.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon UK (cheapest and in stock)

Samsung Gear 360 UK

4K 360 Camera



LG 360 Cam

lg 360 cam review

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The LG 360 Cam is a great 2K 360 camera that has been available in the UK since early summer. It can be found in a wide range of stores, both online and brick and mortar. As there are so many places to buy this camera, I’ve focused on where it is cheapest to buy:


A UK based website selling a range of tablets, phones, cameras and other gadgets. I’ve never used this site personally, but it seems legitimate and sells the LG 360 Cam at the lowest price in the UK. At the time of writing the website is selling the LG 360 Cam for £124.99 as part of a sale; this is a reduction from the usually £200 price tag.


A well known UK brand with stores all over the country. If you don’t want to wait for shipping then you could pick up the LG 360 Cam from your local Argos. They are selling the LG 360 Cam for £184.99 at the time of writing.

Amazon UK

Amazon is also selling the LG 360 Cam and offering free delivery to the UK mainland. You can get the Gear 360 from Amazon at a discounted price of £174.99.

Best Place to Buy: eGlobalCentral.co.uk

LG 360 Cam UK

2K 360 Camera



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Ricoh Theta S

ricoh theta s review

Ricoh was one of the first companies to produce a 360 camera that was cheap enough for every day users; as a result the Ricoh Theta S is one of the most popular 360 cameras available. The theta is available in stores and online throughout the UK but as always the price differs slightly depending on where you shop.

John Lewis

One of the UK’s most trusted establishments, John Lewis is a safe bet when shopping for electronics. You can buy the Theta S online or check it out in stores, but you should check to see if you nearest store has it in stock. John Lewis is selling the Ricoh Theta S for £299 which is the standard price and also offers a 2 year guarantee for no added cost.


Another well trusted store selling the Ricoh Theta S, this time for a slightly lower price of £298.99.

Amazon UK

And of course there is Amazon, where you can also read 30 reviews on the camera. Amazon offers the Ricoh Theta S for the cheapest price I’ve seen in the UK: £295.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon UK

Ricoh Theta S

Ricoh's second generation 360 camera



Insta360 Nano

insta360 review

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The 360 camera that attaches to your iPhone. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to dive into the world of 360 video and stills, if you happen to own an iPhone of course. Released earlier this year, the Insta360 Nano is available from a selection of online stores in the UK.


Once again this technology eCommerce website is offering a discounted sale price for a 360 camera. Usually priced around £200, this website is selling the Insta360 Nano for £149.99. I can’t vouch for the user experience of this website/company as I’ve never used them, so do so at your own risk.  The price may go up when their sale ends and I’ll update this post should that happen.

Amazon UK

The insta360 nano is currently available on Amazon UK, albeit with few little stock left. You may prefer to buy on amazon for peace of mind so I decided to include it. You’ll find the camera priced at £197.99, which is the standard price for the camera in the UK

Best Place to Buy: eGlobalCentral.co.uk

Insta360 Nano

Turn your iPhone into a 360 camera.



360 Fly 4K

360 fly 4k review

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The 360 Fly 4K is a 360 degree action cam and is one of the highest rated 360 cameras released this year. I should note it doesn’t have a full 360° field of view as it only uses 1 lens. This is another difficult camera to find in the UK, it only seems to be available in random online stores, some of which I wouldn’t trust.


This camera website seems to be selling the 360 Fly 4K for £100 less than everywhere else. I’ve never heard of this company before so I decided to research them to see if they are legit. I discovered that they are a legitimate business selling cameras, however they are able to sell at a lower price as they import display models which have already been opened and used. Sometimes you may not notice the difference and the equipment will likely be fine, but may not be totally new. If this doesn’t bother you then this is by far the cheapest place to buy the 360 Fly 4K.


A more trustworthy source (and where you are guaranteed a new product) is the well known camera store Jessops. If you can find one of their remaining high street stores, you may be able to go in and see the camera, otherwise you can order online. Jessops are selling the camera for £599.99.

Best place to buy: Cheapest is slrhunt.co.uk but the safest is Jessops. 

360 Fly 4K

A 4K 360 degree action cam.



These are all the major cameras you can get in the UK right now. New cameras will be added to this list as and when they are released in the UK. If you’re not sure which is the best 360 camera for you then check out the 360° cameras comparison table on this website which compares the stats of all 360 cameras in an easy to read an intuitive format.


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