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Thanks to recent advancement in camera software, it’s now possible to live stream 360 video instantly. Both Twitter and Facebook have updated their platform to allow people to live stream 360 video and have thousands watch instantly around the world. Not all 360 cameras can live stream, however, so if you want this feature in your 360 camera you need to choose the right one. On this post you’ll find the best 360 cameras that can live stream as well as a summary of their other features.


The best 360 Cameras that can live stream

In order for a 360 degree camera to live stream video, it needs to be able to stitch together 360 video instantly. This is a complicated process requiring powerful internal software, which is why you won’t find this feature on every 360 camera. Thankfully there are still some affordable 360 cameras that can live stream to a range of social networks.


Ricoh Theta S – Cheap live stream 360 camera

The Ricoh Theta S is one of the most popular 360 cameras to be released so far. It can shoot high quality 360 photos, film video in full 360 and live stream 360 video to YouTube. It’s pretty easy to live stream with the Ricoh Theta S, however you will need to connect the camera to a laptop or desktop computer.

Once you’ve installed the required software you will be able to live stream 360 footage to YouTube or Periscope. You can also use the camera as a webcam and stream video to Skype.

The Ricoh Theta S can live stream at a resolution of 1980 x 1080 which is on the lower side for 360 video, but you should also consider that this is one of the cheapest 360 cameras that can live stream.

  • Cheap
  • Easy Live Stream Controls
  • Can be used as Webcam
  • Officially compatible with Facebook, YouTube and Periscope Live Stream Service

  • Live Steam Limited to 1980 x 1080 Resolution
  • Need to Connect to Laptop or PC

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Insta 360 4K – High quality live stream

The Insta360 4K is one of a range of 360 cameras designed by the same company. This is the flagship device and one of the most feature packed 360 camera available. The camera can shoot full 360 degree video in 4K resolution, has a dedicated app for remote control and can of course Live Stream 360 video to social media.

Most camera reduce live stream video quality significantly, however the Insta 360 4K can live stream at a resolution of 2880 x 1440 which is higher than any other camera on this list. You will have to have a pretty good internet connection to stream at that resolution though!

Setting up your live stream with the Insta360 4K is slightly more complicated than with some other camera, however there is a full guide on the official website. The positive aspect of this is that you can adjust video settings of the live stream using a dedicated program.

  • High quality Live Stream
  • Dedicated desktop program
  • 4K full 360 degree video
  • Dedicated App

  • Setup is longer
  • On the expensive side

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Allie Camera – 24 hour live streaming

The Allie Camera is a 360 camera that can plug into the mains power supply and live-stream 24 hours a day; currently there are no other cameras that can do this. The camera can shoot in full 360 degrees with no blind spots in 4K resolution. The Allie Camera is marketed partly as a piece of security equipment, useful for those who want to keep an eye on an entire room using just one camera. You can connect the camera to the internet and remotely view it from anywhere in the world.

Live stream footage is recorded to the cloud so you can go back and re watch the 360 video you recorded. You can also use the camera as a point and shoot without live streaming.

  • Can Live Stream 24 hours a day
  • Can be plugged in to mains power
  • Can shoot 360 video in 4K

  • A basic app
  • Live-stream video quality reduced
  • Connection issues

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Samsung Gear 360 (2017 edition)

Samsung’s second generation camera adds the one thing its predecessor as missing, the ability to live stream. The Gear 360 2017 can shoot full 4K 360 video and livestream in 2K. The quirky looking camera connects to your phone effortlessly, from there you can connect directly to Facebook or YouTube and begin your livestreaming session.

The Gear 360 can be used with a tripod or without and is also designed to be handheld. The major plus point of this camera is the high quality video it can shoot, with very accurate stitching and large resolution. At just over $200 this is probably the best value 360 camera on this list.

  • High quality 2K livestream
  • Very good value for money
  • Livestream in 360 anywhere by connecting to your phone

  • Livestream feature only works with Samsung phones


Insta360 Nano – Wireless live stream

The Insta360 Nano is made by the same company as the Insta360 4K we saw earlier. The difference between the two is clear, the Insta360 Nano is a smaller, less powerful version designed to be attached to an iPhone. Te best thing about this camera is that it doesn’t need to be attached to a PC or laptop to live stream 360 video.

Once plugged in, the Insta360 Nano into the iPhone’s lightning port the app will open automatically and your smartphone instantly becomes a 360 camera. You can shoot 2K quality video and photos and can live stream from anywhere you can find an internet connection. The price of the camera is pretty attractive too, much cheaper than it’s bigger brother.

  • Live stream without PC or Laptop
  • Cheap
  • Small and compact
  • Designed to connect seamlessly to Facebook and YouTube
  • Includes stabilization software

  • Lower resolution
  • Only compatible with iPhone’s

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Orah 4i – Professional 360 livestream camera

The Orah 4i is an amazing little camera with a pretty big price tag. This is a 360 camera designed for professional use at events, it’s not a consumer camera like the others on this list, but I though I would include it to show what is possible.

The Orah 4i can livestream 360 video in 4K resolution and most excitingly, it can do so for up to 48 hours constantly due to its heat dissipation technology. The Orah also comes with a slew of other features including advanced stabilization and abisonic sound. All of this doesn’t come cheap though, the Orah costs over $3000. But if you want a professional 360 camera that is designed for livestreaming, there is no better alternative!


So what is the best 360 camera to live stream with? If you are looking for the highest quality live stream then the best option would be the Insta360 4K. Never the less, I believe the best camera to live stream with is actually the less powerful Insta360 Nano, mostly because it doesn’t need to be connected to a laptop to live stream. This means that you are not tethered to anything and can use the camera to live stream whenever you want, at events, parties, on vacation or anywhere you can get a decent connection!

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